Two Cupcakes Every Two Days: Angel Food Cupcake

A Cupcake a day keeps the doctor away.  … I wish. 

But I figured to get this blog rolling I would start with a bi-daily feature. (Every day is too ambitious=recipe to fail)

One thing I searched for high and low on the web was a cupcake recipe for one (or two!) because I love to bake! However, I ended up with about 10 cupcakes too many.. and eating probably five of them. So I figured I would tackle cutting a recipe down to two! (or three, it’s not an exact science yet). 

So, the debut cupcake: Angel Food.

I have never actually made an Angel Food Cake, But I stumbled upon Joy the Baker’s  go at it on Pinterest. She got the recipe via Alton Brown. This is not a one-bowl recipe sadly, but dosent seem as much when your bowl is mini.

Egg whites are the base of this recipe. You want to whisk them.. alot. The egg whites when beaten to medium firmness peak should look like this.

When folding in, you should be gentle with the eggs.. or they will spite you and make a miserable cupcake. 

I filled these liners  to three different levels, to see how much it rises during baking, the middle size was perfect. I even made a super baby cupcake for me to have!

See! The middle size is perfect! They do shrink up a bit, its not a really full, girthy cupcake: but light, airy and small!


Viola! You have some super yummy cupcakes!

Angel Food Cupcake: For Three

2 tbsp+1 tsp (35g) superfine sugar, or regular

pinch of salt

1tbsp+2tsp (14g) cake flour

2 (57g) small egg whites 

2 tsp (10g) warm water

dash of vanilla

1/4 tsp (1g) cream of tartar

Preheat your oven to 350°, or 300° on convection. Set aside half of your sugar. 

Sift together the rest of the sugar, the salt and flour, set aside. 

In a new bowl, with a handmixer attached with a whisk, whisk together the egg whites, water, vanilla and cream of tartar, gradually adding the set aside sugar to the mix. Whisk it until soft peaks and it’s glossy. It should almost hold it’s peak and hold a ribbon if you let a bit of it fall. 

In stages (about three), add the flour mixture and gently fold in, you dont want to deflate the egg whites, or it won’t be nearly as fluffy as you want :(. 

Scoop into your three cupcake liners and bake for about 35 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out dry. 
Serves three at about 60 calories per cupcake (without whipped cream)
See! Barely any dishes at all!!! None compared to cleaning up after my brother.. ha!