A Pinterest a Day: Homemade Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Oh! The tragedy. My camera has been on the outts the past two days. And my pinteresting failed yesterday. Salted Caramel Ice Cream… Big fail. Burnt the caramel, added too much salt. Result: Salty burny tasting ice cream that didnt actually freeze. Mess. Today was a little bit of a better day, although I tried two different nail techniques today with no avail. So lastly I settled on whipping up a batch of pb ice cream and it is DELISH. You can find the recipe here. Although I substituted 2 2/3 half and half with 2 cups whipping cream and 2/3 cup 2 percent milk and added 2 tbsp cocoa. Then added reese cups chopped up and swirled in chocolate sauce. Well, I love my ice cream to go all 9 yards. But no pictures!! When I get my camera all sorted out I will post pictures of my ice cream (if there is any left) But tomorrow I think there will be a non-food related pin. Food is just so yummy, and so easy. Yum. Soo off to sleep!


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