A Pinterest A Day: Homemade Nutella


Well, I figured, since I havent blogged consistently, that I would make a self-goal. Try one thing every day from Pinterest!!! I quite admire Pinterest, and even though lots of people view it as unoriginal, I just look at it as “at least I’m actually making something instead of just pinning it.” Secondly, its always fun just to get your creative juices flowing and then maybe there will be some true inspiration that will come!

So here we go!  Day one: Make Nutella. Nutella is probably one of my guiltiest pleasures. Who can resist its pull? Its pure blend of delicious? Well, I sure cant. This recipe was originally posted by Samantha Tan down at Sam Tan’s Kitchen. Thanks for sharing this recipe Sam!

Homemade Nutella – adapted from Sam Tan’s recipe.

200g roasted Hazelnuts

150g melted chocolate

4 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2 cup icing sugar

1 tbsp vanilla

1tbsp-1/4 cup vegetable oil

Start with toasting your hazelnuts at 200°F for about 15-20 minutes, or until fragrant. I found that the skins came off very easily for about 3/4 of the hazelnuts, the rest were impossible. So I let them be. For you who individually rub each hazelnut with a cloth to get the skins off, kudos to you, but its also easier to just grab a handful and rub them between your hands, they aren’t too hot and the friction between your hands and the hazelnuts rubbing against each other do a quick job of it.

Melt your chocolate (I did mine in the microwave), I used a blend of dark chocolate and milk. I like my chocolate a little less sweet, plus it already has sugar in it, so I figured the sweetness factor was already covered. Measure out your dry ingredients into your bowl with chocolate (because who wants to use more than one bowl, not me!) See my nice naked hazelnuts! Aaand my not so naked ones.


Toss your hazelnuts into a food processor or other blending device. But I recommend a pretty sturdy one, blending nut butters takes awhile. Process until it’s smooth like peanut butter, It will take about 5 minutes or longer, but its worth not having a grainy texture.


Thats my bunny sniffing the nuts. His name is Boog. As well as my morning essential: Cappuccino. 

After that, toss in your chocolate/dry ingredients, mix that in a bit then add your vanilla.

Last your going to check the consistency and add a bit of oil to make it a bit more spreadable, I like mine quite smooth and soft. And spread that lovely stuff of a piece of bread! I REALLY love eating my Nutella with jam! So yummy. Sam Tan said to store it in room temperature. But I put mine in the fridge just in case. I dont like the chance of spoilage.

And TADA! A beautiful Nutella sandwich that tastes pretty much exactly like the real thing!!



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